Friday, April 24, 2009

Australian Compensation plan

Australian plans are unlimited in width. They are a derivative of the
Unilevel. Australian plans can have just as many bells, whistles and
bonuses as a Unilevel, however all Australian plans have a defining
characteristic that separates them from a standard Unilevel.

This defining characteristic is the “pass up”. The pass up feature
prescribes that individuals must pass a certain number of personally
enrolled to their sponsor.

For instance, a “2 Up” Australian would require that you give your
first two personally enrolled to your sponsor. Your sponsor would
then be the primary beneficiary of the commissions generated from
the two pass ups. You, in turn, would then receive pass ups from
your third, fourth, fifth, etc. personally sponsored in the form of the
first two that they each recruit.

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Scott H Leonard

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